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HEAL - The first time I heard this instrumental, I would listen to it for hours, marinating on the music my Sun 1ST Spawned made... It healed me each time, it was like an audio blanket comforting every molecule in my human carbon based body. Got the homie Express Fresh on this, as we display our lyrical arsenal as a weapon thru- Hip Hop! I hope this song energizes you and heals you . . . . HEAAAAAL ! LET IS HEAL -=-


HEAL featuring Express Fresh
Cosmic Chicano Music © BMI 2012
Acid Lab Records

1st Spawned,

Heal Me

Yeah, Mr. Forge,
Express Fresh,
See, music has the power to heal,
It’s like a double edged sword,
Cuz it will cut, But it will HEAL!

Forge verse:
Healing and recovery,
I’m Hancock,
My soul emulates energy,
So your soul shocks,
Non Stop
You never knew,
Heiroglyphics keep us adhesive
Like 5 Maroon,
Golden like Jurassic,
Animated, I’m a cartoon,
Def to the Tone of Change,
Disturbed view,
Them idiots with regrets,
Just a Proud and a Few,
I’m laughing my ass off,
Metallic Ice Cubes,
Penetrating, Wake up!
Rub out the residue,
From your view,
Me, it’s the Sandman,
Sleep deprived dude!
Zombie Land zoo,
D.C. to California,
Guerrilla MC ,
Aztec Warrior.


Express verse:

Express Fresh,
Killer Cali,
Calibrates fatalities,
Iller energy,
Underground assault and battery,
Sincere sinners,
Were contenders who injured your innards,
Mentors and members,
Are dissed and dismembered,
Class dismissed,
End of the year, like every December
Clothing censors my anatomy,
Forge and I,
Resurrect causalities,
Casually organized
My mused music is fortified,
Like a 45,
My tongue’s a gun
I’m sorta like 40 guys,
Sporting knives,
But I’m only 1,
I don’t go outside during the day,
Because I might steal your shine,

Forge Verse

Cosmic Chicano,
Unda Earth,
Sound Soulja,
Treat like the Mic like a carcass,
I’m the vulture,
Raw to the core,
I tear it to the bone,
Regulating MC’s in the comfort of they home,
Hearing my shit, they stuck,
Matter of fact they blown,
Like “damn he’s a lyricist and I’m radio clone”
Behind the laptop catching up on KRS-1
Ironically man,
Yo, he talking bout them!
Pathetic, whimsical,
Carcinogenic flem,
Acting the part,
Rocking T-Shirt’s Extra Medium,
Bubble Gum wrappers
Skinny jeans,
Chains aluminum,
Not 100% like me,
West Coast Guerrilla MC,
Hip Hop Is My Weapon!

That’s right,
I’m feeling energized,
Hope you feeling energized too,
This has been a public service announcement,
By your local Guerrilla Republik M.C.’s,
Mr. Forge,
Express Fresh,
1st Spawned,
Let it Heal,
Let it Heaaaal!


from THE HIGHLANDER - FIRST CHRONICLES, released April 22, 2012
Produced by: 1ST SPAWNED - First Born Productions
Recorded @ 912 Studios - Annandale, VA. USA
*Express Fresh - Recorded @ Los Angeles, CA. USA
Engineering by: KmastaMine (Unda Earth Productions)
Additonal Mixing by: DJ Rob - Target Squad Studios, Falls Church, VA. USA.

*Appears courtesy of Acid Lab Records



all rights reserved


Mr. Forge Washington, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA. Native has spent the last 10 plus years in the DMV.

A proud Chicano, growing up in Inglewood & Hawthorne, Forging many unique styles of abstract, analytical, philosophical, and spiritual content while still capturing the realness of the hip-hip genre delivering his cool & collective lyrics in both English & Spanish.

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