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Forge found a way if you will into immortality thru his music and you listen you shall find how mortal Mr. Forge really is, the life of an Overman filled with pains and sufferings only makes one appreciate the beauty and simpicity of life... His music will live on thru his seeds and thru you -=- So whatever your passion is, may that be your immortal mark to pass to your seeds, your loved one, or just the love & sacrifice of it - Eternal blessings my beloved people!


LIVE FOREVER featuring Zigg Ultra Nebula
Cosmic Chicano Music (c) BMI 2012

Zigg Ultra Nebula Introduction:

There's a tale of man who's been alive for centuries that cannot die. They say he was born of Aztec & Germanic Reich (Rike) They say he found his way into immortality….. thru music. Dormant returning from his sabbatical, He'll display his mortality...

I’m living thru my music….
And Best believe,
Been doing this for centuries…
I’m living thru my music….

1st Verse:
Forever like memories,
Written in time, eternally,
I take what’s thrown my way like tragedy,
Makes me stronger,
As I creep on the M.I.C.
Seems like these young whipper snappers think they better than me,
And best believe, they motivated me,
Made me think,
Been doing this for years,
Fuck that, been doing this for centuries,
Highlander design,
Aztec Pride,
Mutated DNA mixed Germanic Tribe,
As the days they seem to fly by,
Marinating on good times,
Forever hearing my seeds,
They laughing,
Ricocheting thru my brain
Even though I can’t complain,
I’m alive forever, even after I hit that grave, Yeah!

I’m living thru my music….
And Best believe,
Been doing this for centuries…
I’m living thru my music….

2nd Verse:
Forever thinking bout my loved ones
The ones I remember and long gone,
Some that were taken too young
But we live on,
Touched forever Numb!
Who wants to live forever?
Its just,
Something bout dying with honor,
Not knowing the outcome,
You never know the hour
The Maker gone take ya
To another dimension
Away from these haters
Living to die is a part of nature
That’s why the moment you given now
No waiting,
No time to be complacent,
Never know,
When you gone meet Satan
Try to rip ya face and everything destroyed you love,
Everything gets taken,
Soul stretched and raped and misshapen dreams
Of what ya life could be
My music speaks immortally.

I’m living thru my music….
And Best believe,
Been doing this for centuries…
I’m living thru my music….

3rd Verse:
Forever living thru my music,
So my kids could bump it for they kids to use it,
Tell em Grandpa Forge was a beast emcee,
So lucid,
Unorthodox philosophy,
Non exclusive,
An Overman with every breath he breathed
Loved being a Father to his Seeds,
Forge chilled with Kings,
Studied sorcery from Thieves,
Slept with many Queens,
Seen the world for what it be,
Spoke his mind and never bowed down to a Human Being,
Only G.O.D.
He prayed everynight with his Family Tree,
Like O.C.D.
T’was a magical thing, protection from anything,
That tried to intervene,
His Kids, His true Legacy,
For Eternity,
Now that’s on everything!


from THE HIGHLANDER - FIRST CHRONICLES, released April 22, 2012
Produced by Naymon - Jon Dough Muzik
Recorded @ 912 Studios - Annandale, VA. USA
Engineering by: Kmastamine (Unda Earth) & Thoro (Thoro Wit It Productions)



all rights reserved


Mr. Forge Washington, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA. Native has spent the last 10 plus years in the DMV.

A proud Chicano, growing up in Inglewood & Hawthorne, Forging many unique styles of abstract, analytical, philosophical, and spiritual content while still capturing the realness of the hip-hip genre delivering his cool & collective lyrics in both English & Spanish.

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