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This is a song I made about my 3rd Sun, Kalani Dartanian. I want the world to know his struggle and strength and his journey has just begun. Kalani is my personal hero.

Kalani was born with HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Ventricle Syndrome) basically, without a left side of a heart (half of aheart) and has undergone 3 Open Surgeries and experienced 2 cardiac arrests, that resulted in global eschemic brain damage so he now has spastic cerebal palsy. However, he still does everything he was "not" supposed to, like move, eat, see...and he is even speaking a bit now.

So, Rememeber whatever your going thru,
there is ALWAYS light at the end.
Stay strong my people, dig inside for your INNER-G!
That Energy heals & is manifested by the Creator, The Supreme Devine Being much more bigger than our mortal little brains can fathom. I give thanks humbly and as promised while sitting next to my Sun in the hospital room, I promised to share his story with the universe... I'm not a church man, and I no longer believe in organized religion, but G.O.D. DOES EXIST or what we call him. Ruler of the multiple, zillion galaxies. Share this with the world.
Peace, Love & Blesings from Kalani and myself and I thank each one of you who prayed for Kalani and manifested healing positive energy. It was used everynight and till this day. -=- hotep

**Watch the Video “Miracle Individual”**


Miracle Individual
Cosmic Chicano Music © 2010

Yeah,….. Mr. Forge

This right here is a song of celebration,

What my little Kalani went thru,

Feel me,


(For he does everything they said he cannot do...)

That's right
I'm here to tell you that..



(For he does everything they said he cannot do..)

That's right,
Imagine that feeling,
Knowing that your child is fighting to stay alive…
Still in the balance,
In the hands of God…

A Miracle, Kalani

First started with Bam Bam’s tumor,
Broke my heart,
Thought it was God’s bad sense of humor,
Miracle after biopsy,
It dissipated,
Doctors couldn’t explain it….
Miracle…It had to be God!
Never thought,
Again, I’d feel the same feeling….
10 times hard…
T.L.C. situation, (without no cameras)
Half -Hearted kid,
No left ventricle,
Small atrium,
I remember when I first saw him,
Open his eyes.. (my Baby)
I was mesmerized
Trying to hold back the tears inside,
When I seen his size,
Knowing he’ll have to,
Fight to survive,
Risky, 3 step heart surgery…
A success, but it’s up to his tiny body,
God help him please,
I prayed for him every night,
At his bedside,
Those sleepless nights,
But who m I to complain?
They poked him like a pin cushion,
Cuz he had tiny veins…
Praying Lord,
Please give me his pain….
But now..

For he does everything they said he cannot do,
He see’s,
He eats,
He smiles,
Yeap! and he moves,
I owe it all to God, My Spiritual!
Kalani Miracle individual!

2nd Verse
Made it out the PIC.U to Pede South,
Before Thanksgiving,
Ready to take home our child,
Not knowing,
My wife and I,
Would soon watch our own Sun die,
Before our eyes,
The worst day of our lives,
As his eyes roll back,
Skin turned gray,
Body collapsed,
Crying like I never cried before, (“Kalani!! Kalani!! Wake up!)
I watched in horror,
As a room full nurses and doctors,
They tried to bring him back to life,
Revive his soul,
2 hour session,
His body lifeless,
Thinking bout how much I’d miss,
Holding him in my arms,
His baby fresh smell,
Reality became a nightmare,
A living hell,
Doctors saying continue or let him go…. (Just keep going)
Well, Words I never thought I’d have to hear before,
Reality done smacked us cold,
Kalani on life support, (ECMO)
Body unrecognizable,
An outcome grim,
Begging, O’ Lord,
Please don’t take him,
Take me instead,
But now…

For he does everything they said he cannot do,
He see’s,
He eats,
He smiles,
Yeap! and he moves,
I owe it all to God, My Spiritual!
Kalani Miracle individual!

3rd Verse
Kalani recovered from ECMO,
M.R.I. showing damage in his cerebral,
Corpus Callosum to be exact,
Worst case scenario,
Told, He’d be blind,
No motor skills,
A vegetable,
Allowed to go home,
Strict guidelines to follow,
6 months later,
Gave us scare,
2nd heart repair,
Lungs collapsed,
My soul snapped,
Crumbled and humbled,
My brother Will, told me,
“No time to shed tears bro”
“Don’t give into the doubts, “
Pray for others that experienced the same route,
From different backgrounds,
Muslim, Christian,
Any kind of religion,
Seeing the faces of parents,
See we all were victims,
Too emotional,
It takes a toll,
Especially as a Mother or Father,
I owe my life to the Nurses and Doctors,
So pay them respect,
Cuz they have sleepless nights too,
Never heard screams,
Like Mamas losing they kids,
Everynight man
How’d it was in the PIC.U…
But now…

For he does everything they said he cannot do,
He see’s,
He eats,
He smiles,
Yeap! and he moves,
I owe it all to God, My Spiritual!
Kalani Miracle individual!

Watch the Video “Miracle Individual”


from THE HIGHLANDER - FIRST CHRONICLES, released April 22, 2012
Produced by: Vybe Beatz
Recorded @ Target Squad Studios - Falls Church, VA. USA.
Engineering by: "Ty Up" Baldwin - Tag Music Group -T.M.G.

**Watch the Video “Miracle Individual”**

Cosmic Chicano Music (c) 2012 BMI



all rights reserved


Mr. Forge Washington, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA. Native has spent the last 10 plus years in the DMV.

A proud Chicano, growing up in Inglewood & Hawthorne, Forging many unique styles of abstract, analytical, philosophical, and spiritual content while still capturing the realness of the hip-hip genre delivering his cool & collective lyrics in both English & Spanish.

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