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Social Network sites now pose the simple question. "What's on your mind?" So this is my response, real talk, unfiltered, untainted - I may offend 99% of you, but I will not apologize for this is what's ON MY MIND!


ON MY MIND – Mr. Forge
Cosmic Chicano Music (c) BMI 2012

Welcome to America,
Center stage of the world,
Hollywood busters,
Nicki Minaj girls,
Emulating what they see on the idiot box,
Technology integrated burbs to pseudo city blocks,
America’s youth now confused,
What’s reality,
System dangling legalities,
This ain’t democracy,
Consumer slavery,
The illusion you bought,
Master blinded you with HD quality,
What happened to the quality of Hip Hop?
Now just a marketing scheme,
Made a mistake when you tried to market me,
You silly 33 degrees,
Heart beat palpitating like a metronome on these streets,
Shout out to the D.M.V.
L.A. to D.C.
I feel at home, I smoke discreet,
While you fools paranoid,
You packin’ ya heat,
Never shoulda gave a lil boy a pistol,
While I’m on my grown,
Todd Sweeney out this bitch,
Off my throne,
The Elephant Man,
And I Am An Animal Fam,
Saved by grace,
Stay away from the H.A.M.
Cuz ya’ll aint harder than me,
Kinda hard to put fear in a man that ain’t scared to bleed,
Shit, ain’t scared to die for what I believe,
I keep it 100,
For those 100 with me,
We straight G,
Cuz fear is disease of the sheep,
They thinking, “this can never happen to me”
They straight weak,
But God’s Illa!
Shits is reala than my Sun’s Heart Surgery,
Realer than a Republik of Guerrillas,
We stay deep,
Only The Realist Feeling This,
We killin’ this verbally,
We resurrecting the community,
Thru GR.eat deeds,
Giving GloRy to The Supreme, G.O.D.
That’s why….


I’ll tell you

I stay sporadic,
Lyrically acrobatic,
How do I manage my cabbage you ask?
Moving that radish,
Not conventional apparatus,
My status, Vato from Los Angeles,
Always seems to cause some static,
I don’t understand it,
The world is so savage,
We all vanish,
A mass panic,
It’s bananas,
Hip Hop needs a bandage,
Bubble Gum Wrappers don’t see the damage,
They raped it and spammed it,
Phonetically flaccid,
Need a buckshot anti-acid,
Or better yet, hit em’ with the dual cannons,
Make em’ permanently spastic,
Cyber Gangster manics,
Tagalong with Twilight fanatics,
Keep em’ away cuz they hazard,
Hazardous to ya health,
Hazardous to the Planet,
Wackness they brandish,
They No Talent,
I got it on film,
Cameras not so candid,
Critics are like rabbits,
Foaming out the mouth,
They all rabid,
Soft fluffy magnets,
Attracting industry cats,
Coming out closets,
Coming out the cabinets,
Won’t sugar coat it man,
They straight up faggots,
Slave to they habbits,
They eat dicks like licorice piss,
Marinated in lambic,
Not so romantic,
Please stay away from my kids,
They worse than these Catholics,
Now I’m blasphemous,
But who’s worse?
They Satanic,
Hail Mary, she’s full of taste,
Succulent titties, Gigantic,
Retards it’s called metaphoric,
Green, Orange, Purple, Aromatic,
All organic,
Never seems to famish,
Actually quite the advantage,
In fact, I’m a functional addict,
Now I need me a sandwich dammit!


from THE HIGHLANDER - FIRST CHRONICLES, released April 22, 2012
Produced by: Epik The Dawn (GrindStone Music Group) GMG
Recorded @ 912 Studios, Annandale, VA. USA
Engineering: Kmastamine (Unda Earth Productions) & Thoro (Thoro Wit It Productions)
Cosmic Chicano Music (c) BMI 2012



all rights reserved


Mr. Forge Washington, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA. Native has spent the last 10 plus years in the DMV.

A proud Chicano, growing up in Inglewood & Hawthorne, Forging many unique styles of abstract, analytical, philosophical, and spiritual content while still capturing the realness of the hip-hip genre delivering his cool & collective lyrics in both English & Spanish.

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