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Real Talk! I speak on very personal subjects here...
Recognize, anything you do, there is a certain price to pay. I recognized the price I am paying and I recognize I want to be God's grace once again. I believe I have found that grace once again, however, when I recorded it, I wasn't too sure at the time.... So what is G.O.D's GRace? Well, we are always in G.O.D.s Grace my people, for G.O.D. is within us & the energy we project out, whether negative or positive is what is returned to us; Karma; The Balance – Now religion will tell you their opinions. Truth is we do not know G.O.D.'s thoughts or intentions no matter what religion wants to tell you, be logical. Ironically enough, I am sharing with you my own opinion, go figure. However, recognize that there is a higher being, a Supreme Being that created all these multiple galaxies & universes, we as humans cannot possibly fathom what we call G.O.D.! I tell you one thing for certain... G.O.D. is NOT exclusive but universal & from watching my 3rd Sun die & return thru 3 open heart surgeries & my 2nd Sun's tumor dissipating as another miracle & my entire family getting struck as pedestrians(8.21.11) in Baltimore by a car & all surviving. G.O.D's existence is never question. So give thanks my beloved people, for each one of us is performing the miracle of "breathing" each day. Thank you for listening to me ramble & listening to “The HighLAnder - First Chronicles.” I will release 2nd Chronicles in Winter 2012 - BUT stay tuned for my 5th Album "1ST Spawned Presents - Mr. Forge - Diabolical Angel" - Summer 2012 - Infinite blessings from your favorite Cosmic Chicano -=- Forge -=- HOTEP


Cosmic Chicano Music © BMI

Yeah, this Mr. Forge

I just wanna take the time to say,

Thank you for listening to The HighLAnder,

And a big shout out to everyone that participated on this project,

What I’m gonna do right now,

Just give ya’ll something to marinate on,

Cuz I’m gone speak my mind 1 last time,

Real Talk!

1st Verse
I guess the saying is true,
Uh huh,
The more love you get,
The more “they” hate you,
Who'd thought I'd have to deal with haters,
Turn they noise down like they faders,
Fade em’ away, like I was Darth Vadar,
If I had it my way,
I would publicly display my Rage,
On a rampage,
But I ain’t trying to have my life taken away,
Cuz living life in the pinta,
Ain’t no life to me,
Seeing my legacy from behind bars,
Ain’t fair to my seeds,
Just trying to live right,
Teach em’ bout G.O.D
Not the human form of being,
Not logical to me,
Like my biological was a pussy,
A Dad who threw tantrums,
When he couldn’t do the math,
Expelled him outta my life,
That dude was wack,
Enough of that,
Looking at the heavens,
Askin the Lord for a better path
Cuz my way leads me to a dark place.

I gave my soul away,
Cuz theirs a price to pay..
But I pray
Lord please take this pain away..
Allow me back into ya grace...
(Ain’t nothing for free)

And even though I find comfort here,
It ain’t for me,
The vengeance and anger of despair,
It penetrates my being,
Like it’s a separate entity,
Just trying to do me,
Live life comfortably
With my Seeds,
Cuz they motivate me,
On a daily,
Love me unconditionally,
Cuz women they come and go,
Been blessed to know,
Many, but they all walked out the door,
And the ones I broke they hearts,
Oh no!
Please forgive me so,
Wasn’t trying to be the creep,
Just recognize that you was better than me,
Now you got a better life fo sho,
Now blessed with seeds of ya own,
And I'm a piece of caca,
For letting you go,
Cuz you’s a “Super Mama”
And I just I wasn’t mature enough to know,
I didn’t have the scope,
Of the big picture,
Life would of been simpler,
But my head got thicker,
And I just got sicker,
Poisoned by that Highlander Elixir, yeah.

I gave my soul away,
Cuz theirs a price to pay..
But I pray
Lord please take this pain away..
Allow me back into ya grace...
(Aint nothing for free)

So I find myself striding thru life,
One step at a time,
Hip Hop always on mind,
True now I got time to rhyme,
I hit the studio at night,
Let my soul shine,
No need to explain why,
Had to quit my 9 to 5,
Waking everyday,
Living to keep my Sun alive,
Real talk,
Lil man, Kalani,
Born with half a heart,
Miracle to me,
Been blessed with 3 Sunz,
3 Kings,
Kalani, Bam Bam & Boogie,
Embedded into this Earth,
Different degrees of ingenuity,
For what it’s worth,
A breath of fresh air in this world of shit,
And try not to let the negative consume me,
I'm fully convinced,
They touch more souls than you and I combined,
And I protect mine,
So I'm fully equipped,
To spit Venom,
And chomp like Pit,
Cuz I'm a real Syth.
And my true homiez know I'm real wit my shit!

I gave my soul away,
Cuz theirs a price to pay..
But I pray
Lord please take this pain away..
Allow me back into ya grace...
(Aint nothing for free


from THE HIGHLANDER - FIRST CHRONICLES, released April 22, 2012
Produced by: Freek - Tru Beats
Recorded @ Satnam Records - Sterling, VA. USA.
Engineering by: John "Golden Chyle" Hall

Cosmic Chicano Music (c) BMI 2012



all rights reserved


Mr. Forge Washington, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA. Native has spent the last 10 plus years in the DMV.

A proud Chicano, growing up in Inglewood & Hawthorne, Forging many unique styles of abstract, analytical, philosophical, and spiritual content while still capturing the realness of the hip-hip genre delivering his cool & collective lyrics in both English & Spanish.

Find on iTunes courtesy of Interscope Digital Distributio
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