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Till I Take All - One never knows, when one's time to leave this dimension comes. In the meantime, whatever your goals are and obstacles you face stay focused on your objective. Mine are my Seeds, my 3 Sunz.

Koreone and I, my fellow Cancerian, touch base on multiple subjects, one of which there are folks out there expecting, anticipating us to fall, to fail, to lose. Know, we are here to build you up. You won't lose, You won't fall, You gone win, so You gone Ball! Take it all with the time you are blessed with and give back, pay it forward. -=- Blessings -=- forge

*Check out the exchange off each other's flow and chemistry on the 3rd verse


TILL I TAKE ALL w/ Koreone
Cosmic Chicano Music © 2012 BMI
Fly Fresh Music

Unda Earth,

Yeah, Mr. Forge


Haha, That’s right, Till I Take All!

Forge Verse:

I’m looking thru my crystal ball,
See my future,
My death,
Man, and I'm left in awe,
What it took to get me there,
Was it worth the cost?
Was it worth it dawg?
Hell yeah, so my kids don’t work so hard,
Busted my ass to on the grind,
GloRy to GOD,
Necks cracking on the trackin,
Unda Earth is The Squad,
Others hating, overcompensating,
Cuz we so strong,
No faking, out for the bacon,
That’s right, cuz they smarter than dogs,
Like I'm smarter than ya'll!
Recognize the Avant-Garde,
Ya money’s spent on cars,
While I'm cruising down Hawthorne Boulevard,
Bombarding retards,
Picture me consuming stars like some candy bars,
Wish I could feather and tar,
The last American Czar,
The dude was insane,
Now we got “Change”
But “Change” gave money to banks,
Economy crashin’ but I got food on plate,
Never fell on my face,
Design of my fate,
But I died at a decent age…Yeah

Hook: x2
I won’t lose
No, I won’t fall,
I’m gone win,
So I'm gone ball,
I’m gone ride,
Till I take off,
And I'm gone fly till I take all!
(Who want it?)

Koreone verse:
I’m made like I imagine,
I am what you ain’t fathom,
You try to and get abandoned,
Cuz times are different standard,
I live and wonder,
Which means,
That what I’m thinking,
Is “Change” like quarter seasons,
Till relieved from all this dreaming,
And that’s only until,
I’m left still,
Or killed from the thrill,
Left ill without a fortune or future to fill,
What’s real?
When ya only focus,
Is focus to chill,
Pop pills,
Just to kill,
The only emotions you feel,
And that’s eew!
So just yield,
So you’ll heal,
And we’ll build,
And be built,
And leave zilch,
Till time takes it toll,
And we tilt,
Till Then, stay tuned,
Or tune out,
So I could,
Move in to make moves,
Then move out,
Move bout in new routes,
Till I’ve lost or lose count,
If I lose, then you lose,
You lose,but I bounce!

Hook: x2
I won’t lose
No, I won’t fall,
I’m gone win,
So I'm gone ball,
I’m gone ride,
Till I take off,
And I'm gone fly till I take all!
(Who want it?)

Forge & Koreone verse:
“They” say I’m late to the game
But I’m right on time!

Cuz “They” hating on us,
Hating that we got shine!

Shine like gold, so refined,
No mold, Original design,

Broken down and reworked,
For the less complicated minds,

We find “They” twisted and turnt,
Burnt, from the heat of the grind,
For more stimulated kind,
But, instead miscalculated lines,
Exaggerated lives,
Predictable like day and night,
It just aint right!

You don’t know the appetite,
To me your just a mini-bite,
A little light,
From feeling right,
I fill the night,
Like city lites,
So get me right,
Don’t get me wrong,
Don’t give me life,
Just put me on,
So I can live and get me strong,
So I can give,
And give you songs,

This flesh eternally pawned,
Now a memory of a thought,
For some, a shadow,
Mystified like religion,
I ain’t telling lies,
Eyes wide open,
I see the system,
So I appreciate life,
I just “Keep On Livin’”

Hook: x2
I won’t lose
No, I won’t fall,
I’m gone win,
So I'm gone ball,
I’m gone ride,
Till I take off,
And I'm gone fly till I take all!
(Who want it?)


from THE HIGHLANDER - FIRST CHRONICLES, released April 22, 2012
Produced by: Soopa Beats
Recorded @ 912 Studios - Annandale, VA. USA.
Engineering by: Kmastamine & Naymon (Unda Earth Productions




Mr. Forge Washington, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA. Native has spent the last 10 plus years in the DMV.

A proud Chicano, growing up in Inglewood & Hawthorne, Forging many unique styles of abstract, analytical, philosophical, and spiritual content while still capturing the realness of the hip-hip genre delivering his cool & collective lyrics in both English & Spanish.

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